Butthole Surfers Forum Tribute Album

A bunch of Butthole Surfer forumites decided they wanted to contribute to society by doing their own rendition of their favorite Butthole Surfers songs. This is the result.

Songs listed below in no particular order. When I get a song, I'll link it. When I get all the songs, I'll upload a zip of them all.

  1. Something by Sound of Ruby
  2. Too Parter by Mr. PurpLe
  3. Woly Boly by the camel
  4. The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave by notsaved
  5. Negro Observer by Shawshank Erection
  6. Sweat Loaf by SWEATLOAF (Textrippen/LAYGO/Acid Cracker)
  7. Intelligent Guy by stinky
  8. 1401 by jlamour
  9. Jimi by Primakova (Cowboy Bob)
  10. They Came In - seattlevulture
  11. Dust Devil by 21 Rounds (mikeystool)
  12. Cherub by Bingfootpajamas
  13. USSA by d.Void (ToKe)
  14. Sea Ferring by Robot Donut (alabamamudclay)
  15. Hey by Frottage Cheese
  16. Roky by Broiler
  17. Pepper by Keg Vultures (HorseFly)
  18. Desert by MrNeil
  19. Strangers Die Everyday / Something by MrNeil
  20. Jingle of a Dog's Collar by A Forumite Collective (sikgrrl/marko/kuntzkoffee)
  21. Human Cannonball by Carbonic Smog (MyBandSux)

Mucho Thankso to Broiler for his FTP to get files uploaded.